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Selected Publications


That Autumn,” Charlotte Magazine, September 2019

What is Common, What is Rare,” Catapult, January 2019

"A Great Variety of Black Hair Journeys," SheLoves Magazine, July 2018

"Blueberry Season," Full Grown People, June 2018

"Four from the Night, Four from Anywhere," The Mudroom, June 2018

"A Voice Not Heard," Thread, March 2018

"Our Words at a Moment in Time," Brevity's Nonfiction Blog, February 2018

"A Grain of Sand," Charleston Style & Design, January 2018

"Raised to Life," The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, November 2016

"What Remains," Full Grown People, August 2016

"False Intimacy: A Cautionary Perspective," Creative Nonfiction, Spring 2016, Issue 59

"On Writing: Go for the Long Vision," Brevity's Nonfiction Blog, March 2016

"Holding On," Gulf Coast, Winter/Spring 2016, Issue 28.1

"What I Wanted For My Daughters," Brain, Child—Brain, Mother, February 2016

"I Think My Grandmother Has Forgotten," Brain, Child—Brain, Mother, January 2016

"Winter's Breakup," Lunch Ticket—Amuse Bouche, January 2016

"Two Field Guides," Full Grown People, December 2015

Long-Distance Coaching,” American Journal of Nursing Off the Charts, January 2015

Wildflowers,” River Teeth – Beautiful Things, September 2014

“Jamaica Boxes,” Not Somewhere Else But Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women & Place, 2014

“The Same God,” Relief Literary Journal, Spring 2012, Issue 6.1

Naturally Ever After,” Ungrind, August 2010


articles and Opinion Pieces

"A note to my home," Anchorage Daily News, August 2018

"America Has A Sad History Of Separating Families Of Color," Refinery29, June 2018

"Generation, Revision, and the Unpredictable Nature of Life," Hickory Daily Record, December 2017

"North Carolina writer with Rochester ties learns home's where the memories are," Democrat & Chronicle, July 2017

"For My Daughter, After This Election," Sojourners online, November 2016

"Actually, the ‘Mommy Wars’ Aren’t Universal," Christianity Today—Her.meneutics, August 2016

"Teaching My Daughter That Africa Is a Continent," Teaching Tolerance online, August 2016

"Let's Change Our Narrative About 'Africa'," Sojourners online, November 2015

"When a Child Has to Navigate Race Relations on the Playground," The Washington Post—On Parenting, August 2015

"Does Race Matter If Books, Like ‘Anne of Green Gables,’ Touch Your Heart?" The New York Times—Motherlode, April 2015


radio commentaries on Charlotte's NPR News station wfae 90.7

Hate Crimes Rob Victims of Their Complexities,” WFAE 90.7, November 2018

"In Royal Wedding, 'I Saw My Blackness. I Saw My Jamaican-ness'," WFAE 90.7, May 2018

"My Family's Citizenship Stories," WFAE 90.7, February 2017

"For My Husband Driving Down A Mountain," WFAE 90.7, July 2016

"What Should My Black Family Do With 'The Cosby Show'?" WFAE 90.7, September 2015

To Everything There Is A Season,” WFAE 90.7, December 2014

An Apology Can Ease Frustration,” WFAE 90.7, September 2014

Please Leave My Hair Alone,” WFAE 90.7, March 2012


Roundtable discussions, interviews, and Guest Blog posts

Q&A with Patrice Gopo,” Christi Craig blog, January 2019

A Moment Leads to an Essay: A Journey in Five Parts,” CharlotteLit Litmosphere, December 2018

"What is the Measure of Success for Writers," Five Minute Fridays, August 2018

"Raised to Life," Michelle DeRusha's blog, August 2018

"Breakup," A Spacious Place, August 2018

"Honoring a Myriad of Colors Alongside Patrice Gopo," Coloring Outside the Lines blog, August 2018

"Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness, and Finding Our Way," Fashion & Compassion blog, August 2018

"All The Colors We Will See: An Interview with Patrice Gopo," SheLoves Magazine, August 2018

"Way," Five Minute Fridays, July 2018

"Author, Patrice Gopo Discusses Her NEW Book, All The Colors We Will See," Sheen Magazine, July 2018

"The Collegeville Institute: A Place to Belong," CharlotteLit Litmosphere, July 2018

"On Parachutes and Literary Citizenship," CharlotteLit Litmosphere, February 2018

"Read to Understand: CML’s Black Lives Matter Reading List," CharlotteLit Litmosphere, January 2018

"The Sunday Rumpus Interview: A Roundtable on Writing, Editing, and Race," The Rumpus, March 2016

A Little Bit Like Me,” Heading Home, October 2014

Meet Patrice Gopo,” The WordPlay Word-zine, October 2014

A Writing Conference, A College Roommate, An Unplanned Weekend Away,” Lisa Romeo Writes, September 2014

Encouraging Words?" Relief Journal Blog, August 2012